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Call Center Technology


Call center technology from Database Systems Corp. includes IVR (interactive voice response), voice broadcasting auto dialers and services, computer telephony integration products, and automated call answering systems and services.

Since 1978, Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been a privately held corporation specializing in database and data management computer products and services. DSC offices are located in Phoenix, Arizona where it also maintains a separate data center for its outsourcing service clients.

DSC designs, develops and markets computer software products and computer telephony systems for a wide variety of industries and government organizations. Since the early 1990's, DSC has been a leading provider of call center technology software and phone systems. Major products include interactive voice response (IVR) phone systems and Voice Broadcasting outsourcing services along with emergency notification programs and senior calling systems (Call Reassurance (CARE)).

Computer Telephony Products

DSC is a leading provider of computer telephony integration (CTI) products and services. CTI is a technology that enables computers to know about and control phone functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data calls.

The integration of telephone software and computer systems is a major development in the evolution of the automated office. As a CTI provider, Database Systems Corp. has been a leading supplier of CTI phone systems and development software. Our call center softphone places shared telephony functions on the user's desktop.

IVR Systems and Services

DSC provides custom IVR solutions including automated call answering services and systems for its clients. These services include IVR outsourcing at a secure data center located in Phoenix Arizona. This center is located in a fault-tolerant enviroment for the maximum protection of our outsourcing clients. From small calling campaigns to projects that require processing millions of calls, our call center outsourcing facility is available 24 hours a day.

Voice Broadcasting Phone Systems and Service

Besides offering automatic call answering programs using IVR technology, DSC provides it clients with the latest voice broadcasting solutions. DSC solutions can send voice messages and send text messages. Voice broadcasting is a modern communications technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds or thousands of call recipients within minutes. DSC provides phone systems as well as voice broadcasting service at its secure and redundant call center.

Automated Answering Services

Database Systems Corp. provides call processing phone services including automatic call answering services and phone systems. DSC offers complete solutions to our clients including 800 phone services and call answering development programs. Inbound calls are processed using our "Smart" interactive voice response IVR software that answers calls without an operator.

Online Registration

Customers wishing to use voice broadcasting phone services form DSC are offered significant discounts when they use the Online Registration Form. This is a quick and easy way to obtain a price quotations and contracts with no obligation until the executed agreement is forwarded to DSC.

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