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Emergency Notification Systems - Emergency broadcast phone systems deliver emergency messages.

Emergency Broadcasting Services


Emergency-Broadcasting.com provides information to visitors about the emergency notification phone systems and outsourcing services supplied by Database Systems Corp. Emergency notification systems and services employ automatic dialing systems that broadcast recorded emergency phone messages to large groups of individuals. This could be an entire community or simply a local neighborhood wihtin a community. Emergency messages could be severe weather warnings or community alert messages such as Amber alerts or power outages.

DSC is a privately held U.S. corporation that is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Since 1978, DSC has been providing computer software products and computer telephony systems for a wide variety of industries and government organizations including emergency call centers. DSC has been a leading provider of telecommunications equipment and technology. This includes automatic message delivery phone systems and includes our state-of-the-art call center software and call center outsourcing services.

911Broadcast is our emergency notification service division. This is a community service program that delivers phone messages to members of a group, company, or to an entire community using our voice broadcasting technology. Phone messages announce emergencies such as school alerts or can be a warning to a community such as a forest fire evacuation alert.

What Is An Emergency Notification Auto Dialer?

An emergency notification autodialer dials numbers from computer managed phone lists and subsequently plays a pre-recorded phone message to all of the call recipients contained in this list. If the autodialer detects a person or an answering machine on the phone line, it plays the pre-recorded message that contains information and details about the emergency. If a busy signal or no answer is detected, the phone system can be configured to make multiple attempts to contact this household.

Emergency calls delivered to residents can provide an option for the call recipient to speak with a member of your emergency team by simply pressing a button on the phone keypad. Complex scripts can be developed with detailed information about an event or instructions for emergency response crews.

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Emergency Broadcasting Technology

Database Systems Corp. specializes in call processing and emergency notification technology and provides numerous products and services for the telecommunications industry. The following technology products are included in our emergency notification service:

  • IVR - Interactive voice response automatically processes call menus
  • Voice Broadcasting - Emergency alert calls are sent to individuals and answering machines using voice broadcasting
  • Text Messaging - Emergency alerts can also be sent to mobile devices using SMS services

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