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Daily Medication Reminders Sent Automatically By Phone


Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is the developer of the CARE (Call Reassurance) phone systems that contact homebound residents to ensure their well-being.

CARE systems are installed at many police and sheriff's office and are used to contact latchkey children and seniors ensuring they are OK when they are alone at home.

Database Systems Corp. provides not only phone systems but also provides individual services. Through its online registration, subscribers can sign-up to receive call reassurance calls on their own.

CARE also can do more than check on the well-being of residents. Employing DSC's advanced calling technology, phone messages can be delivered (such as medication reminders) in just minutes to seniors and patients who require strict medication schedules. A recorded message can be delivered to either answering machines or to individuals reminding subscribers to take their prescription medication.

Medical reminders can include custom information for each subscriber including special instructions. Custom information for each patient (such as name, medication type, prescription dosage, number of times per day, etc.) can be included in these medication reminder messages.

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Prescription Refill Reminders

Besides reminding seniors and other to take their medications, DSC also provides systems and services for organizations that need to send prescription refill reminders. These alerts can be initiated from doctors offices, pharmacuticals and hospitals.

Technology Employed In Medication Reminders

Database Systems Corp. develops and markets call processing technology products. These products are incorporated into different applications including medication and general reminder service. IVR technology and voice broadcasting solutions provide the backbone of these services. Voice broadcasting software manages the initial scheduling of these medication reminder calls while IVR programs process the call as it is presented to the subscriber.

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