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Church Announcement Calls Sent Automatically By Computer


Database Systems Corp. (DSC) was incorporated in 1978 and has been a leading developer of computer software and computer phone systems. Using this advanced technology, DSC sends church announcements and event notifications.

DSC provides a wide range of voice broadcast services at our own managed call centers. These services are ideally suited for churches and synagogues that need to communicate rapidly with their congregations and the community at large.

DSC provides calling services that can send church announcements such as welcome messages to new members of a congregation. This same service can be used to broadcast phone messages announcing church events and membership drives. Even emergency alerts and notices can also be delivered to a congregation in a quick and efficient manner.

Using DSC's advanced technology can help churches maintain contact with existing members of a church or synagogue or can be used to contact new and prospective members. This is now a much easier task when using our church member notification services.

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Technology Employed In Church Calls

Database Systems Corp. develops and markets call processing technology products. These products are incorporated into different applications including church announcement services. Voice broadcasting software manages these calls while IVR programs process the call as it is presented such as in church welcome calls.

Online Registration

Customers wishing to use voice broadcasting phone services form DSC are offered significant discounts when they use the Online Registration Form. This is a quick and easy way to obtain a price quotations and contracts with no obligation until the executed agreement is forwarded to DSC.

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