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Call Reassurance (CARE) - Senior Care Calling Program.

Call Reassurance


CARE (Call Reassurance) is a telephone reassurance program developed by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). This program contacts senior citizens and other individuals who are homebound to check their well-being. This program can also be used to check on latchkey children to ensure they are OK when their parents are at work or simply not at home. CARE calls are also sent to seniors as medication reminders.

CARE phone systems are marketed throughout the United States and Canada. CARE programs are automatic dialing phone systems that are provided to community service organizations such as City Police and County Sheriff's offices. Please refer to these Care Organizations. Groups such as these seek out senior citizens within their community through public announcements, advertisements and through community outreach programs.

CARE systems are often provided to organizations replacing their older RUOK phone systems.

CARE Operation

CARE phone systems are totally automatic. They call enrolled senior citizen subscribers in their homes and play a recorded message asking if the senior is OK. These types of calls have been credited with saving the lives of many seniors. Because of this daily checkup program and technology, many seniors are able to stay in their homes longer, knowing that there will be a community organization checking in on them.

If the CARE senior citizen does not respond to the automatic phone call, an alert is generated and sent to the responsible CARE organization. Usually a followup call is made by this group and if there is no response, a member of the police or sheriff's office will be dispatched to the senior's home.

With latchkey children, the CARE system operates in a similar manner. However, if the child does not answer the call, an automatic alert is sent to the parent, guardian or neighbor to check on the welfare of the child. An alert may also be sent to the police in this situation.

CARE systems can also call residents and seniors with simple reminders such as medication reminders.

Telephone Reassurance CARE Technology


CARE telephone reassurance phone systems incorporate different technologies that enable them to perform the tasks required to ensure the well-being of seniors enrolled in these community programs.

There are two types of CARE phone systems. The Basic CARE phone system is an office environment Intel PC with Windows operating system and a Dialogic telecommunications board that can place multiple calls over analog phone lines at once. This system can support up to 4 phone lines.

The Pro CARE system is an industrial Intel PC with Windows OS and Dialogic telephony boards. These systems support either analog or digital phone lines and can grow to 480 digital phone lines. This system supports both inbound and outbound calls.

CARE Voice Broadcasting is a technology that automatically dials phone numbers from the CARE subscriber list and plays a recorded message inquiring about the senior citizen. CARE IVR is an interactive voice response program developed by DSC that allows seniors to press phone keys while interacting with the CARE system.

CARE Communities

The following are a few of the communities using CARE systems to check on the welfare of citizens:

  • Estes Park, Colorado Police Department
  • Fairfield County, Ohio Sheriff's Department
  • Garland County, Arkansas Sheriff's Department
  • Gibson County, Tennessee Sheriff's Department
  • Pound Ridge, New York Police Department
  • Rankin County, Mississippi Police Department

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