automatically calls children at home to ensure they are OK


Latchkey Kids Calling Service Checks on Children at Home.


Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides an automatic phone calling service that contacts home alone children (often called Latchkey Children) to ensure they are OK. Parents may enroll their child in this service using DSC's Latchkey Kids Registration form.

Latchkey kids is a term that refers to younger children that return from school to an empty home because their parents are away at work. There are different laws that currently define the age of a child who is able to remain at home unattended by a parent or guardian. DSC provides a state-by-state listing of latchkey kids age limits.

DSC has been in business since 1978 and is a leading developer of call processing systems. This technology is ideally suited for certain community service programs and applications.

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Latchkey Kids Calling Service

The CARE phone system from DSC provides the following monitoring features that check on latch key children. This service is provided directly from DSC or by communities who have acquired our CARE phone system and offer this service.

  • Parent(s) enroll the home alone child using online registration website
  • A phone number and calling time is selected by the parent
  • Emergency contact phone numbers / emails are provided
  • Days of the week are selected for calls
  • CARE phone system places calls per the subscriber's profile
  • If the call is not answered, CARE redials a designated number of attempts
  • CARE requires a positive acknowledgement by phone key
  • If there is no answer, CARE can automatically send multiple email alerts
  • An alert is sent to the CARE contact phone number(s)
  • Online reports keep a log of all calls and schedule changes

Online Registration

DSC provides a secure online registration form that allows parents to enroll their children in this valuable program. Parents can manage their own scheduling of calls using this web service.

Calls can be randomized throughout a several hour period to ensure the child remains at home during the time the parents are still at work.

Latchkey Kids Technology

The latchkey kids calling program incorporates several technologies to accomplish this important community service. IVR technology is used to present phone information to the child and to process touchphone key responses. Voice broadcasting performs the actual dialing of phone numbers.

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