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Locally in the Ashland and Southern Oregon area there's a great new company Global Business Development Services offering a full-range of "development" services from projects, businesses and websites.

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Seminars & Trainings: The Art of Entrepreneurship Leadership of the Future Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies for Business


   * Raymond Brown, CEO and IT Manager
   * John David Van Hove, Marketing and Sales Manager

GBDS.US brings to the table a full-service solution package customized to the unique functional requirements of the company. Web development, design and deployment is on a web 2.0, database-driven platform. Design, setup, project management and monthly licensing fees based on client requirements determined after an initial evaluation or consultation after which a formal proposal with estimate is written.

Our Essential™ Tools brand includes professional integration and application of any or all of the following tools for your business or organization.

   * Broadcasting
   * Business
   * Desktop
   * Marketing
   * Media
   * Networking
   * Mobile
   * Web



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Raymond Brown, CEO & IT Manager John David Van Hove, Marketing & Sales Manager Global Business Development Services LLC - GBDS.US Ashland, Oregon Toll Free: 800.304.7507 Phone: 541.899-3226 Fax: 866.583.3039 Email:

A Business Solution Space Company - GBDS applies best-of-breed web-based solutions to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and improve communications. Learn more today at

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