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We're a resource for anyone wanting to promote a website, leave feedback about a business, give an opinion on a topic, or let the world know about almost anything. We've been helping website owners build their Web presence since 2006, and we're always adding resources and tools to help people improve their site, their online visibility, and inform others on almost any topic.

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  • Edit the page about your site to make it a robust profile telling potential customers about what you offer. Find the page about your site by searching for it (like at the top right of any page on AboutUs. To edit, sign in - or sign up for a free account - and click the edit button at the top of every editable page.
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  • Run the free Home Page Analysis, which shows you how a website's home page looks to search engines and human visitors. The Web Presence section also tells you how many pages on the site can be found in search results, and how many backlinks a website has. You can find these sections on the AboutUs page for any website.

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