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You may wonder what ‘Digg’ is? Well for beginners Digg is a website where ordinary people like you and me can submit articles and content. It is a public website and others can read and Digg what you have submitted. If your submission is great and many people like it (it means many people Digg it) then its status is upgraded and it is promoted to the first page of the website where millions of people visiting the website can read it.

Not only articles, you may even submit pod casts and videos online. As soon as you submit it, it will be shown under the heading “Upcoming Stories”. Other visitors and members can find them there and if they like it, they may Digg it. However if the submission doesn’t attract enough Diggs in the set timeframe of 12-24 hours, then it is removed from the “upcoming” section. But if there are many Diggs then it is sent to the home page of the site and is honored by being placed in “Top 10” section of the website. It is based on the popularity of the submission and the number of Diggs it has received.



There are many tools in Digg to help you in your search for articles, videos and various pod casts. The submissions come in Stack or Swarm. They are the real time flash visual tools of Digg. As the descriptions and the titles roll downwards, you may also use Spy to watch them. You may even place RSS feeds of the various topics and the new sections, users and the search items that you like and need. Suppose you have accidentally digged something wrong then you need not panic. You may even “Undigg” it. Just go to your Digg history and click on “Undigg”. Similarly if you want to block or unblock comments then you may do so by clicking on the related link. For unblocking you may have to go to your account settings. Similarly there are many other tools to make your digging a pleasant experience.


When you Digg the submission you like, you participate in the editing process of the site. Your digging contributes to the count of the submission and your friends can view your profile of diggs which you build. When you "Bury” a submission that you don’t like, the editing process is geared towards removing it from the system. It is a very effective way of removing spam.

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You may build up a friend list in the Digg system and your friends can keep track of your digging and subscribe to your already submitted RSS feeds and to your “Bury” and “Diggs”. You may even email your friends who may be diggers or non diggers regarding your diggs.


You may even share your views on various submissions with others.




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