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See what’s happening on MySpace! Find friends & classmates, meet new people, listen to free music & build playlists, share photos, watch videos, start a blog, read celebrity news, get cool apps, free IM & more…

How Works


New users have to sign up at and create their personal profile. They describe themselves, their hobbies, and special interests, and may also upload photos and write-ups to

Once registered, a new member can invite other members to become his friends and join his Personal Network. He also has the option to search for any of his real friends who happen to be members.

Putting together a network of friends is easy at Your personal network at lists not only those people who have accepted your friend invitation but it lists the friends of your new friends as well. These second-degree friends are all part of your extended network at It is not uncommon for members to have thousands of people in their personal network.

If they are inclined, new members can set up a meeting with their new friends or suggest a match for them.

Sharing Art At

In addition, some people use to showcase their talents. There are many musicians, videographers and artists who upload their music, videos and paintings onto

The profile

The typical profile usually has the following contents:

1. Blurbs, Blog, Multimedia

In addition to the standard "About Me" and "Who I'd Like to Meet" blurbs, there are also sections on "Interests" and "Details." The blogs feature standard fields such as content, emotion and media. In addition, users can upload photos and videos to

2. Friend Space

This is where a user's friends are featured in his homepage. There is a "Top Friends" section as well as a link to all other friends. Users may display as little as four to as many as 80 friends in the "Top Friends" section.


A user's friends can post their comments about the user in this section, which is visible to all viewers. The user can delete these comments or reject them outright for inclusion in his profile. Celebrities

Some well known MySpacers are: Tom, Forbidden, Metal Sanaz, Aka.The Phoenix, Tila Tequila, Zenova, Darling Nikki, Jeffrey Star, and Audrey Kitching Angie.

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  • Eric Wester (frustrated) : Although MySpace does allow you to connect with friends, it is upsetting how filled with advertising and spam that it is. 08:34, 22 October 2008 (PDT)

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