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Cursor, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity that educates the public on the relationship between media and society through two free Web sites,, and These sites are useful to media practitioners, students, researchers, and the general public -- adding context to the mainstream media's output by illuminating the structures and methods employed, as well as by providing an ongoing library of links to the best media education, research and commentary available on the Internet. We supplement this with our own original research and commentary.

media and politics Web log that comments upon and links to the work of major news organizations, as well as to other critical, independent voices published on the Internet -- contextualizing the day's news in a broader fashion than what is available from the mainstream media. In addition, Cursor contains links to hundreds of magazines, newspapers and stand alone Web sites, with an emphasis on media criticism and media research. Cursor also has a Twin Cities edition that has been published since 1997 and focuses on media activities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. is dedicated to news, opinion, analysis and investigative data related to links between conservative philanthropies and the organizations and people

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