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Is reading the newspapers part of your daily routine? How many newspapers do you usually leaf through on a regular basis? Imagine being able to see the main headlines from all over the world and read only the articles you are interested in. This is made possible on the Drudge Report website, a page that has links to the hottest articles in different fields including politics, showbiz, and finance, to name but a few. The Drudge Report presents you the main newspapers from the whole world. The papers are set alphabetically, and by simply clicking on one title, you can get the contents of the entire newspaper.

Key Word Search

If you are interested in a particular article that has appeared today you can get hold of that by introducing a key word that appears in the article or in the headline. For example by introducing the word "koala" the website sent me to four Washington Post articles containing this word. In this way you may be sure you don't miss any of the info you are interested in, and will be up to date with the domains that appeal to you.

Drudge Report Archives

Visit the Drudge archives to read older articles that you might have missed at some point. This can be done by going to the archive section and introducing a word for advanced search. Introducing the word archive has led to two interesting articles from 2003 about the assassination of John Lennon. The archiving process has started in November 2001. These archives take a snapshot of the drudge report every two minutes all day long. You will have free access to sensational photos that have accompanied the articles.

Local News

For local news, you can enter your zip code and you will get the latest news from your area. Click on your area on the map, and you’ll get the related channels and the hottest news in each part.

The World's Front Pages

You can browse through today's world front pages, get The Sun, the New York Times or Die Zeit headlines and see how the front pages of these publications look like each day. The Drudge report presents you 428 front pages from all over the world.

Other features of this site include TV ratings and programs as well as movie Box-office results. In some cases there are videos linked the up-to-the-minute news, videos that you can view for free.

In conclusion, the Drudge Report is a complex website, it is actually a complete website containing all the news possible. Don’t get discouraged by the simple layout, which only features a few photos and some written lines. There is actually a lot of info behind these lines. A minus of the Grudge report would be that it is supported by advertisers that appear way too often. However, if you get past these advertisements, there is a great deal you can get, read and see from this site and it is all for free.


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Drudge, Matt
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He lives in Miami? I thought he lived in LA


Drudge actually got his start in LA, posting gossip and news working at a, I think, gift shop. His dad bought him a computer, which he swiftly put to use. Later on he moved to Miami, where he lived in a ritzy hotel/apartment complex. I believe he moved to his own house recently.

-- Drudge lives on both coasts. Miami & LA.

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