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BTC News features political, cultural and press commentary. I inaugurated the site in late 2003, just in time to get in on the top floor of the blogging craze. Originally populated by a community of one, the site now features several additional contributors who have greatly expanded the range of subjects upon which visitors can find knowledgable and compelling comment.

I am a British journalist and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. In the world of newspapers, I have contributed to the Washington Post, US News and World Report, and the Gotham Gazette. In the publishing world I am contributing editor to Secrets of Angels and Demons, and I am currently working on a book about blogging.

Before arriving in America, I worked for the Western Morning News, a regional daily newspaper, in Cornwall, England. I ran my own district office and covered a range of stories including a week-long report on the effects of more than 40 years of civil war in Angola, Africa.

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