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reality blurred: the reality TV weblog is a frequently-updated source of reality TV news, analysis, and gossip edited by Andy Dehnart. The first publication solely dedicated to covering the entire reality TV genre, reality blurred has, since July 5, 2000, presented summaries of the latest news in reality TV, original reporting on trends and rumors, and analysis of the days news.

reality blurred's format was originally inspired by Romenesko, and is technically a weblog, with archives and plentiful doses of skepticism and sarcasm. I love the competition, but reality blurred isn't a message board, a recap site, a repository for links to every single thing written about reality TV ever, or a bulletin board for PR people (although tips and press releases are welcome). The name of the game here is journalism, and most items include links to primary sources or other resources so you can read and think for yourself.

Hi, I'm Andy Dehnart, and I'm a reality TV addict, fan, and critic. I watch a lot of TV, especially reality TV, which I've been watching since the early days of The Real World . Since then, I've continued to feed my obsession -- I mean, fascination -- doing everything from writing about reality TV to using these shows as part of the college courses I teach.

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