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Owned by the Guardian Media Group, the Guardian newspaper has an average daily circulation in 2010 of around 283,063 copies in and around the UK. is the online edition that contains much of the information and news of the print edition. The website has a traffic of around 600,000 unique visitors everyday. It ranks at about 230 in the most popular websites, according to Alexa.

Website Offerings

On this site, you have the possibility to read today's paper and have access also to other important news in several different fields. The main page of contains the latest headlines that will lead you to the hottest articles worldwide, along with more news and features. The main page also highlights the latest news in editorial/commentary, A&E, Sports, Lifestyle, Podcasts and more.

On the left hand side of the main page, you can access news, listen to audio reports. A really nice feature of this site is that it presents links to articles from The Observer or The Northerner (also owned by the Guardian Media Group) to capture their take on the latest news also.

Blogs, Discussion Boards and more

This website is interactive as well. You can join talk boards and share your ideas and opinions with other readers online. These talk boards are set in categories, so you can join a chat on football or maybe politics, film or books. Each talk board has a brief description of what it is about, so you can use this description as a guide.

Would you rather see some blogs? Click on the left hand side and get the latest blogs from all the categories existent on this website. You can also learn which are the most commented news of the week.

The Guardian Unlimited website also features cartoons, crosswords, sudoku, TV schedule, and more.




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