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Supplying the financial markets with market data, research and analytics is what the Reuters Group is all about. They also provide news reports from around the world to newspapers and broadcasters.

Reuters, a company well known for providing quick and accurate information to professionals of all areas of the business market around the world lives up to its reputation with the website The company's official website offers everything from the latest news to financial investment advice with great accuracy and precise timing.

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The center of the website’s main page shows the most important news of the day structured in business news, investing news, political news and many more. Each full article can be accessed at the end of a short description and all related pieces of info are listed to the right of that article. This structure provides the opportunity of offering a lot of information using very little space. There is also news from outside the business world, like science news, health news, entertainment news or technology news and they are listed at the bottom of the main page. To access them, all you need to do is click on the title. The left bar of the main page offers access to three large categories: business, investing and news and to their subcategories that include business industry, business companies, investing markets, investing funds, international news, video news and many more.


The left bar on the main page is actually the starting point of a very complex and well structured informational world. The business section offers subsections such as news, industries, summits, companies and small business that are very easy to access. Each of these subcategories has its own detailed news and also a search engine where you can find any industry or particular company that you are looking for, complete with detailed information. The investing section comes with even more subsections that include investing markets, stocks, options, currencies, research made by top analysts of the investment world and also advice for investment ideas. This time, each subcategory has its own list of subcategories leading you to the most complete and up to date financial information available. The news section from the left bar on the main page is structured in categories that range from political or financial news to sports and entertainment news. The option of watching news on video brings an extra quality to this already impeccable website.


Aside from the vast information present on the Reuters official website, the company also offers professional, financial, corporate and media products listed at the bottom of the left bar on the main page. At the top of the professional products page there is a complete list of the available products in alphabetical order that makes the product you require easier to find. However, if you do not know which the best product is for you, you can contact Reuters’ sales representatives and they will help you decide. This option is available for each of the products subcategories. is a work of true professionals, its simple design and well structured sections making the information much easier to access.




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