Climate Cooling, the Other Side of Climate Change Science: Global Cooling


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Climate Cooling
This site is constructed by Dr. John Everett to provide objective information about climate change from the perspective of a systems analyst who is often asked about climate change, whether as part of some other issue or directly in Congressional testimony. It will emphasize the science giving evidence that cooling, rather than warming, is in our future. This evidence does not fit the group-think process and thus is not politically correct. It is usually brushed under the table but it needs to be evaluated. This site makes clear that cooling is being dismissed by the newspapers and even IPCC. Every effort is made to present factual materials, with citations and links. Information about warming is not presented here, just as cooling is not presented elsewhere. Essentially, this is a site for those who think before they leap. For those whose mind is predispositioned towards warming, perhaps you should go elsewhere and not become confused by facts.
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