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University of Colorado located at Boulder is an internationally acclaimed University in the United States with a conglomeration of local students as well as students from various parts of the globe. The University is dedicated towards imparting quality education and all-round development of its students. this University has set a benchmark among the American universities in the field of extraordinary teaching, research work, constant progress in the academic performance and changing lives of the students. This University focuses on the multi dimensional development of its students. The various achievements made by the faculty and students of the University of Colorado makes it one of the most sought after universities in the United States.

Academic affairs

University of Colorado at Boulder has a world class academic record besides having a good work environment .this sets this University apart from other universities in the United States. Studying in this University is not just educating yourself but it is changing the whole perspective for a better tomorrow. The academics have been recognized by the world community and the University's efforts have been acknowledged. The academic programs and policies are implemented and managed by the provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. Various academic programs have been under taken by the University like the honors program, Norlin Scholars Program, Presidents Leadership Class (PLC), Puksta Scholars Program, Residential Academic Programs, Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), Leadership, Excellence, Achievement, and Diversity (CU-LEAD) Alliance etc. All these programs reflect the University's rich academic record.


University of Colorado at Boulder has an excellent research record. The University gives extra concern to the research work in all streams of study. The University has been successful in attracting sponsors for more than $250 million in its research works last year. The University has seven full fledged dedicated research institutes managed by the vice chancellor and has hundreds of research projects going on at any particular time. The research works provide the students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in their respective fields. The research work varies from a wide range of fields like astronomy, social issues, Nano technology, etc. These works are mostly undertaken in collaboration with industrial partners.


The University of Colorado is administered and managed by the board of Regents .the board of regents is an elected board consisting of nine members. The representative of the board of regent is the chancellor along with the provost, the vice chancellors and the deans. These people are the actual administrators of the University. The present chancellor of the University is G.P. Bud Peterson.

Student Affairs

The University of Colorado has a very active student affairs body. The student affairs body actively indulges in creating a conductive environment for the growth of academic potential and intellectual development of the students. Besides aiming at improving the knowledge base of its scholars it also strives to bring about an all round development of the students. The body works on an international platform that continuously has tried to excel in all the fields whether academic or sports. The University offers services like recreation, health, career and counseling services etc. the students have also taken their own initiatives in establishing unions, recreation centers, clubs, health centers etc.

Sports and Athletics

The University of Colorado besides excelling in the field of education also aims at developing in athletics and sports. The University provides various sports like Basketball (Men), Basketball (Women), Cross Country, Football, Golf (Men), Golf (Women), Skiing, Soccer, Tennis (Women), Track and Field Volleyball etc.


The University of Colorado certainly is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States which has always directed its endeavors towards the betterment and all-round progress of its students, be it academically or intellectually. Thus this University is the perfect destination for all those students who want to pursue a career with a difference in a world class environment that focuses on the multi dimensional development of its students.


If you are a current student of University of Colorado, then you can use the link: to view all the information related to current students of the university or for any other related queries. Any student can access this facility without the need to register on the University website. If you are a faculty member or a staff member, then you can use the link: located at the home page for your queries. For further queries regarding the university, the centralized contact no. is 303-492-1411 or You can also mail your queries to:

University of Colorado at Boulder

*** UCB

Boulder, Colorado 80309-0***

For other related queries, you can call using the following numbers:

Administrative Directory Assistance 303-492-1411

Residential Directory Assistance 303-786-1411

Directory Assistance for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing 303-492-0833

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