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Yale University is the third oldest institution for higher education in United States. Originally it was founded as Collegiate School in 1701. With the passage of time in 1718 it was named as Yale College. During the period of American Revolution Yale College didn’t suffer much and remained intact. In 1810 the medical school, in 1822 divinity school and in 1847 law school were established. Further progress in the 19th century provided new extensions in university portfolio and in 1847 a graduate school of Art, in 1869 a school of art and in 1894 school of music was formed. Remarkable development through the 19th century followed even better growth in the 20th century. In 1900 a school of forestry and environment, in 1923 a school of nursing, in 1955 a school of drama, in 1972 school of architecture and in 1974 a school of management were formulated which reformed a small college into a massive university.

Students and Faculty

University student body consists of 11,000 students which are attracted from 108 different countries and of course all states of USA. The faculty that provides excellent education to the students consists of 3,200 teachers. The students enjoy the facility of developing their own curriculum. About 45% of undergraduate students are enrolled in arts and humanities, 35% in social sciences and 20% in sciences. Per year student education expenses are a little over $33,000 whereas the boarding expenses are around $10,000. Yale has no religious associations and the institution readily inducts foreign students. Many faculty members are researching in fields that have global importance. Some of them have foreign education or have been trained outside USA.

Reputation and Ranking

Yale University is one of the greatest universities in the world and in USA it ranks third in all undergraduate and professional institutions. It has one of the highest university endowments reaching to $20billion and because of this it provides excellent education and research facility to its students which in-turns build university reputation across the globe. In particular the undergraduate Yale College and Yale Law school have produced prominent US and foreign state leaders and heads of states. It offers graduate courses in Biology, math, history, economics, political sciences, sociology, engineering and science, and in professional education it offers courses related to management, nursing, medicine, public health, music, law, drama, art, architecture, environment and divinity.

Student Life

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Student life at campus is an experience of its own kind. The student residence is developed on the Cambridge and oxford footings. Students are divided into 12 communities with 450 students each. Each community is provided maximum research and educational resources which means more opportunities for a small group of students and better results. Students are also involved in extra curricular activities, athletics and healthy activities.

Student Organizations

Since the university has a large student body comprising of 11,000 students there are a number of student governed organizations which are associated with the university. The student organizations and societies bring out journals, newspaper and magazines. The oldest amongst student political organizations is the Yale Political Union. The Yale college council is responsible to oversee student services and activities that are performed by the students in the university. There are secret societies as well as music societies and many other organizations in which students actively participate.

University Website

The Yale website is rather simple in design and easy to navigate yet it provides all what a student, parent, or a visitor requires. You can find information about the degree programs and associated admission requirements, jobs, student services, news, about the university and its future prospects.



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