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Harvard University is a private university located in Massachusetts. It is one of the historic institutions, which is regarded as a great place for knowledge and learning. The original Harvard College was founded in 1636. The college was created so that the English in North America didn’t have to send their children back to England for education. Scholars from England who came to USA with Winthrop fleets taught them at Harvard instead. Between 1800 and 1870 the Harvard went through privatization and by 1870 it was funded by private endowment with alumni running the college affairs in place of original board of overseers.

In 1879 a sister college for women known as Radcliffe college was established. During twentieth century the professors and university administration put great efforts in enhancing the university academics by introducing new degrees and research facilities. It is one of the famous institutions in the world with premier education. In America politicians of both liberal and conservatives have attended this university such as George W.Bush and John F.Kennedy.

The university undergraduate student body comprise of 6649 students and 2400 teachers. Per year expenses of education is $33,709 with boarding expenses reaching almost $9,946. The institution’s population is almost balanced among male and female students the admission is on highly selective basis. In 2006 the median of sat1 score for undergraduate degree programs was 1495 out of 1600.

Reputation and Ranking

Harvard University is ranked 2nd in the national universities in USA which clearly provides a picture of quality of education that is being given to the students. There are 75 noble prize and many other award winners affiliated with Harvard.

The Schools of Harvard

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Today, original Harvard College has evolved into a huge university. It comprises of several schools and colleges namely, Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Harvard Divinity School, Graduate School of Design, Harvard Graduate School of Education, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School.

Notable Student Organizations

Harvard University has a large student body and several student organizations have been established. Harvard Glee club and Harvard Choir are one of the oldest college and university choirs clubs in USA. A theatrical society known as Hasty Pudding Theatricals, WHRB campus radio station, and many other organizations keep student involved in on-campus activities. The university also has a magazine named as Harvard magazine and a gazette for students which include all university related news and events. The university press also circulates a newspaper named as The Harvard Crimson.

University Online Resource

The university website harvard.edu contains all information about the university, admissions, current news related to students, faculty, events, and the university departments and degree programs. Apart from latest news stories, the main page of the website provides info on the schools that comprise the university and links to museums and site guide.





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