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Welcome to the University of Oxford website (OxWeb). The central web pages (www.ox.ac.uk, www.ox.ac.uk/*****/) are managed and maintained by the University's Public Affairs Directorate, who are advised by the University Web Strategy Group. Lower down the structure, pages of the form www.****.ox.ac.uk or ****.ox.ac.uk are maintained by individual colleges and departments. Pages of the form www.admin.ox.ac.uk/**** (AdminWeb) are managed by Business System Projects.

The central site has been designed to conform to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines. For more information please see the Accessibility Statement for this site. A separate document details the University's Accessibility Standard for Websites.

The University search engine is powered by Google, available at http://search.ox.ac.uk/. Internal users may also use ht://dig to search Oxford's site including intranet pages, a link to which is also provided from this search page.

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