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Silicon Florist

Silicon Florist is a blog originating in Portland, Oregon for individuals who are interested in Portland’s web and technology scene. The name comes from the high density of technology companies located in and around Portland which is known as the Silicon Forest (silicon), and the fact that Portland is known as the Rose City (florist). Bloggers at Silicon Florist pride themselves on being a clearinghouse of information involving the business of technology specifically in the Portland area. Items posted and discussed on this blog include ideas and news on, startup projects or new developments that are not, or have not been widely publicized. In fact, Silicon Florist is usually the first in the community to break news of happenings in the technology world in the Portland metropolitan area.

Silicon Florist was started by Rick Turoczy to help provide what he calls “a repository for interesting technology news” from the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. While Turoczy is deeply embedded in the technology scene in Portland, he recognizes there are many things he misses. Thus, he invites individuals from the Portland area to submit information for inclusion on his blog. There is a place on the website where users can submit their own blog, event, project or startup in the Portland area for inclusion in the blog making Silicon Florist a community effort, of sorts.

memePDX: Silicon Florist's weekly podcast

For those who are short on time and attention, Silicon Florist has launched a weekly podcast entitled 846ccd6cf422489a6efc5302b6c475af.png: @memePDX. The short podcast, hosted by Cami Kaos of and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist, covers tech stories from Portland and beyond.

Want to subscribe to this podcast? Get the audio podcast feed or subscribe on iTunes. Or get the video version with the video feed or the iTunes feed for the video of memePDX. And of course, if you're interested in staying in touch, you can always follow memePDX on Twitter. Or you can become a fan of memePDX on Facebook.

Submitting companies, products, services, blogs, and events

In addition to being a great resource for techies in Portland, the Silicon Florist is invaluable as a way to get new information to technically savvy readers. Because Silicon Florist posts information from startup companies, it has become a great way to get the word out for some of these small businesses. Typically after a business owner submits their information, the information is posted on the Silicon Florist blog along with the website address.

Several entries each day keep the readers up to speed on all the developments as they happen. Readers are free to post comments on blog entries, and are encouraged to have a free exchange of ideas there.

Portland-based companies--or individuals--interested in showcasing their development efforts are invited to send tips, press releases, links, blog entries, and recommended RSS feeds to Silicon Florist.

How to keep up with news on Silicon Florist

You can keep up with news on by subscribing to their 4e3ff5ecdecd3e14d9f89db51c5a1425.png: [}}} RSS Feed] feeds and via email updates. There are also several links on the blog that lead to other cool Portland related resources. Facebook and Twitter pages are also available, to further keep in touch with other individuals interested in Silicon Florist and Portland’s technology community.

Silicon Florist reddit

In an effort to provide additional exposure to Silicon Forest blogs and resources, Turoczy started the Silicon Florist reddit, a service based on reddit that allows people to submit and vote for content.

AboutUs coverage

News on excerpted from the website:

Ted Ernst writes “An idea came up in the office today that seems to be worth sharing. What if someone else decided to start an article writing service where the articles would appear on Would we care? Of course we would care. We would think it’s great!
April 3, 2008
On short notice, the AboutUs team is partnering with some Portland, Oregon area wiki enthusiasts for a WikiWednesday event also tomorrow at 6:30. The event will be held at the new AboutUs office at 107 SE Washington St, Suite 520, Portland OR 97214. We’re planning on having the usual social meetup fair with the hopes of organizing a BarnRaising to build out some articles for — a cool wiki that’s a source of “how-to” information. If you’re in the Portland area you’re warmly invited to drop by and join in the fun. We’ll also try to monitor the AboutUs IRC channel at irc:// so that people in other locations can maybe “drop by” as well.
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Reviews of Silicon Florist from around the Web

Now, thanks to Twitter and Silicon Florist, Turoczy is one of the most visible names in Portland technology.The Oregonian

Portland has a great creative/tech scene. If you're not following it, check out which is like the TechCrunch of the Portland area...

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... a must-read for anyone who wants to tap into what's really happening in the PDX tech scene.

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After one short month, I can’t imagine not having Silicon Florist in my rss feeds. If you’re in Portland or interested in Portland’s technology scene, you should check it out."

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The best new blog around, if you live in the Portland area and are interested in web/tech, this is a must read.... [H]aving a locally focused blog makes me feel so much more connected again.

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