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Version Tracker


Version Tracker is a site where developers and users interact and their collaborative efforts result in solving computer software application problems. Its a site where users have access to electronic based services to handle Mac OS X,Windows and Palm OS trouble shooting.


  • Tracks software releases
  • Expanded to Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Palm OS.
  • Only links and does not hosts files
  • Offered a new product: VersionTracker Pro
  • Version Tracker only hosts software in special agreements with the developers


They offer developer account which has many advantages such as free software listings,product listing maintenance,customised product pages,allowing communication with user community,open access to their home page along with greater opportunities for exposing their product for marketing.
The tech tracker media is an enormous resource for promoting and marketing products ,their marketing consultants and technology analysts and experts promote the product.CNET messaging strategies help the tech tracker advertisers in achieving target audience.
The site is providing rich categories in relation to application software,iPod,Network systems,graphics and much more for Mac... OS,Windows... and Palm...

+1 503.227.2571, Fax: +1 503 227 2573

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