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Download.jpg is a internet download site run by CNET. was launched in 1996, and is currently the most popular download website in the world. does not charge its users anything to access the downloads on the site. They advertise their site as a safe, spyware free download site.


Software offers over 100,000 pieces of free software for download by end users. The software is a mixture of freeware, shareware, and free-trial period software. has a zero-tolerance policy for ad-ware and spyware, and will not allow software that contain adware of spyware components.


In 2004, CNET launched the music section to replace Artists may upload their music, as well as an artist profile and information. All music uploads are reviewed to ensure legal compliance and appropriate content. Users are then free to download MP3 and / or WMA recordings of the music. The music available ranges from amateur to professional and from classical to hard rock.

Games also offers a selection of computer games to downloaders. Just like the software, all games are adware and spyware free. Also like the software, the games may be freeware, shareware, or free-trial software.

Software Developers

Owners and marketers of software that is free or offers a free trial may market their software on Software developers who wish for the software to be listed on should visit, the sister site to A basic listing on and the CNET network is free – advertisers must pay for improved visibility and features, though.

How To Use the Site

What's Popular displays the most popular software on the site. As of February 24, the top three products were all anti-spyware tools.

Tips & Tricks also features a tips and tricks section to help computer users enjoy their computer experience safely and easily. Subjects covered range from Windows Vista to Airbrushing Photos to HDTV Mood Lighting. Also included in this section are a newsletter with similar content, and discussion forums.

News & Reviews

The latest and greatest (and the latest and worst) are covered in the reviews and news sections of site.

The Network is part of a strongly integrated network of sites including,, and




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