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Network Weavers Network -- Alpha Test --

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Welcome to the Network Weavers Network! If you are new to this site and need assistance, please visit our Help page.

Who's a Network Weaver?

The Network Weavers Network is a new (spring of 2007) initiative for network weavers to connect, make referrals, learn from one another, work together in a variety of ways, and create resources together.

Network Weavers are people who take responsibility for creating healthy networks (also sometimes called smart networks or intentional networks). See the blog post on Characteristics of Natural Network Weavers. For more info on Network Weaving, please see You may also want to read David Braden's article on why network weaving matters. The Network Weavers Network is open to all. Therefore, responsibility for interactions is totally up to the participants.

The Network Weavers Network is affiliated with the Emerging Futures Network [1], and grew out of a set of discussions on the Omidyar Network [2]. David Braden developed a wonderful set of "slides" that illustrate one (unofficial) view of the relationships between the Network Weavers Network, the Emerging Futures Network, and other resources. The "slide show" starts at Connection Graphics.

We are hoping to eventually do networking all the way to the neighborhood level. For now, please enter your postal code as one of the Badges on your profile. If you're interested in doing organizing at the local level, please visit David Braden's Blog [3],and the Neighbor Networking Blog [4]. In addition, Julie Caldwell and Laure Dillon have invited us to imagine the role of the network weaver as an ambassador for strengthening, linking and growing a Worldwide Forum, Network of Centers and Data Exchange.



Please edit this section to add Resources for the Network Weavers Network.

Resources which will be ready when we launch in Spring 2007:

  • Regional "meetups" of Network Weavers
  • Emerging regional/local affiliates in the Bay Area, Chicago, Denver, Northeast Nevada, Northeast Ohio, and Seattle. Additional areas coming as soon as you organize them! A list of regional networkers will be provided shortly. Please let us know if you're interested in doing regional organizing in the US, or in another country.

Over time, we will be adding new resources and growing affiliated organizations. Please contribute your suggestions and resources! Our members are already working on the following:

  • A Network Weavers Matchmaker to help network weavers meet one another based on similar answers to questions.
  • A Network Weavers Guild trade association that may offer a reputation system, health insurance, a training program, mentoring, certification, and otherwise support Network Weavers and the evolution of the field and profession of Network Weaving.

Resources of the Network Weavers Network itself are free, and available to all self-identified Network Weavers. Our intention is that they will always be free. The Network Weavers Guild, however, will be a trade association, and will have a membership fee.

Interesting website here:


Why Network Weaving Matters

Network Weaver's Mission by David Braden

We live at a pivotal point in history - although perhaps it is always so. We cannot deny the conflict and environmental degradation of our time but neither must we accept its inevitability. There are any number of possible futures and we create the future with every choice we make. A future conducive to human life will require better choices on the whole from all six and a half billion of us.

Imagine a world with systems of production in which anyone can participate - ending poverty - that cooperate with nature's processes - healing nature. Imagine a future where:

  • Every child born is held, spoken and sung to, and otherwise receives the stimulation they need as infants and toddlers to allow them to learn at capacity.
  • Every human has adequate nutrition, clothing and shelter.
  • Every human has access to preventive medical care.
  • Crime and violence are reduced because potential criminals have the option to participate in society and society is less vulnerable to victimization.
  • There is a flowering of art, music, story, and entrepreneurial spirit, because humans can choose to pursue their passions.
  • Humans achieve abundance in food by instituting production systems that align with biological processes, increasing biological diversity.
  • Humans live in clean and biologically diverse environments, that are both healthy and beautiful.

We know how to do every part of that. What we do not know is how all the parts fit together to create the world we want. That is the mission of the Network Weavers Network - to engage each of us - with our unique skills and experience - to seek out how what we do fits in the greater whole. Help us discover what we can do to create the future we want for our grandchildren.


Our Values

  • Openness
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Care
  • Listening
  • Connecting
  • Engagement
  • Honesty
  • Joy
  • Nonviolence
  • Willingness
  • Diligence in Communication
  • Sensitivity to Needs of Others


We Intend To Grow At The Right Pace!

Most organizers of the Network Weavers Network are in no rush to add resources, or to grow at a fast rate. We have every trust that things will evolve at the right pace. Please join with us so that we can create the Network together!


Join Us

If you're familiar with wiki editing or would like to give it a try, you can add yourself. If you would like to learn wiki editing, please take our NetworkWeaver:Tutorial. Otherwise, please visit NetworkWeavers:ToJoin.

Network Weaver Conference Calls: Interested in helping chart the way for developing Network Weavers as an evolving resource to help more and more individuals and groups uplift humanity and heal nature? Please consider participating in our upcoming conference call.


Our Ongoing Work

  • "What's with that weird logo?" For the answer, please see: NetworkWeaversNetworkLogo
  • once we get documentation, we're alpha - at that point, Habib will create profile pages for people and send them our invitation email with documentation links (or the documentation will be on their page itself - or on a page of it's own)
  • build out possible NetworkWeaverNetwork:WikiLessons
  • what about alphabetization by last name instead of first name - can we do that?
  • network weavers make different kinds of links - we could flesh out what each type is and how others can get involved
    • BeAVolunteer link that takes you to categories of organizations in your city - in your category of choice, choose an organization to volunteer for
    • etc
  • NetworkWeavers:Weaving a Network or Weaving to Weave

What We Need Next

If you have access to resources, contacts or ideas to help out please use the Feedback page.

  • Testers
  • Automated entry form for Network Weavers. The automated entry form would ask for key words and use them to set up your wiki directory page. It combines the best of manual and automated. New users can join in and then learn more as they work with other weavers.

This feature could be a resource provided by EFN for node development. Wherever the user logs on to the tool (through whatever portal) they will have an opportunity to self-identify and set up a directory page in other EFN nodes and social networks. They can self-select little boxes for NW directory, Oguild, Coaches Guild, Currencies etc… and it creates a directory page on that platform.

This will require opensource partnership agreements.

  • A series of network weaver’s meet-ups (use meet-up or potentially partner with Idea list and others…)
  • Strengthen local chapters and develop intermediaries who are comfortable on-line and in face to face neighborhoods, who serve as conduits and educate people on-line about real world social networks and educate people in local communities about the power of the internet.

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