We're in alpha, (not done yet). Please help fix it up.


Notes: This Tutorial is a work in progress, and is mostly very incomplete. Even those pages that have been written needs some reality-testing. The idea is that a person will click the big "start" button and be taken to the first lesson. That part works right now. From there, and on each lesson page, there are big buttons to return here, to move backward in the tutorial, or to move forward. This part is mostly not there yet. The lessons need to be written and then put in an order for this part to work. This page also probably doesn't need to be a category, since we're going to link from here to each lesson manually anyway.

NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:ImANetworkWeaver (needs eyeballs)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:MyLocation (needs eyeballs)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:AreaOfFocus (is a start, but needs to be changed to reflect new style)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:Social Networking Links (needs eyeballs)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:Contact Information (really needs eyeballs)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:My Websites (needs Why is this important?)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:Network Weavers I work with (needs Why is this important?)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:Images (needs more details, instead of referring to general image help)
NetworkWeaver:WikiLesson:History & Diff

Make sure we have all of Template:NetworkWeaver:Profile covered.

Example: Category:IMakeEfficientlyExpressedSuggestions

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