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Why is this important?

Many NetworkWeavers have profiles on various social networking websites. We can link to our profiles on those sites, and find other NetworkWeavers that also use those sites. Please see also NetworkWeavers:SocialNetworking for instructions on how to identify yourself on those websites as a NetworkWeaver.

What will my page look like when I'm done?

Something like this (with your information, of course):

How do I do it? (in 10 easy steps)

  1. Copy this WikiText to your personal page, where ever you want this section to appear on the page. We recommend putting it somewhere below the badges, either immediately below the badges, or below your photos and contact information.
    ==[[NetworkWeaver:SocialNetworkingSites]] links==
  2. When you click Save page, you should see a section like this:

  3. Take a look at NetworkWeaver:SocialNetworkingSites to see the social networking sites we have in the system so far. Please copy the name from there (only the part after the colon). For example, if you'd like to display link to your profile, find and copy the part. If the site you want to link to isn't on our list, go ahead and add it to your page anyway. Someone will add it to our list when we see your link.

  4. Paste the site name your copied on your page in place of "WebsiteName". Your WikiText will now look like this:

    ==[[NetworkWeaver:SocialNetworkingSites]] links==
  5. Now when you click Save page, you should see:

  6. Now go to your own profile page on the site in question. On, for example, click on your own name. Copy the URL of that profile. For example:

  7. Paste your profile URL on your page, in place of http://AddressOfMyProfileOnThatWebsite. Your WikiText will now look like this:

    ==[[NetworkWeaver:SocialNetworkingSites]] links==
  8. Now when you click Save page, you should see:

  9. Done!

  10. To add more profiles, simply repeat these steps as many time as necessary, using this as your starting point instead of the WikiText in step 1:


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