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Why is this important?

One way NetworkWeavers connect is by issue areas. This badge is for this issues, your areas of focus. For example, if you are working on Sustainable Cities and Design, you might like to find other people working on Sustainable Cities and Design. Once you put this badge on your page, you can click on the link and be able to find everyone else that's identified themselves as interested in this area.

What will my page look like when I'm done?

Something like this (with your information, of course), with the possible exception that some of your links may be red.:

I live in 98122

I live in Seattle

I live in Washington

I live in United States

I live in Pacific Northwest

How do I do it? (in 7 easy steps)

  1. Copy this WikiText to your personal page, immediately under your location badges.
  2. When you click Save page, you should have a new badge on your page that looks like this:

  3. Visit NetworkWeaver:AreaOfFocus to pick one area of focus (you may use as many badges as you like, but please just pick one for now).
  4. Back on your personal page, replace "AreaOfFocus" with the area that you picked (just the part after the colon). For example, if you picked "education", you will change the WikiText on your page to look like this:

  5. When you click Save page, your badge should now look like this:

  6. All done!
  7. If you would like to add another Area of Focus, repeat steps 1-6. You may add as many as you like.

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