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Why is this important?

One way NetworkWeavers connect is by geography. This set of badges is for your location. Putting these badges on your page does two things.

  • First, it gives anyone looking at your page this information about you, where you live/work.
  • Second, it puts you into a category with other people who live/work in that same spot so you can find each other.

What will my page look like when I'm done?

Something like this (with your information, of course):

I live in 98122

I live in Seattle

I live in Washington

I live in United States

I live in Pacific Northwest

How do I do it? (in 5 easy steps)

  1. Copy this WikiText to your page, in the badge area.
  2. Click Save page and your page should have new badges that look like this:

    I live in MyPostalCode

    I live in MyCity

    I live in MyStateOrProvince

    I live in MyCountry

    I live in MyRegion

  3. Now edit your page again and replace MyPostalCode with your postal code, MyCity with your city, etc., so that your WikiText looks something like this:
    {{Badge:AsANetworkWeaverILiveIn|United States}}
    {{Badge:AsANetworkWeaverILiveIn|Pacific Northwest}}
  4. Click Save page.
  5. All done!

More information

  • For Postal Code, this is your zip code in the US, or whatever code the postal service uses in your country.
  • For City, please spell out the name of the city.
  • For StateOrProvince, please spell out the name.
  • For Country, please use the common name of your country, "Pakistan" "Mexico" or "United States" for example.
  • For region, please choose from this list: NetworkWeaver:Region. If you're not sure, please leave it as "MyRegion" and someone else will help you.

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