Edits to AboutUs are considered to be EfficientlyExpressedSuggestions. The best way to articulate your ideas for improvement of a page on AboutUs is to actually make the change and see how it looks. This isn't as scary as it sounds because wiki is Bulletproof, and we have a culture in which EditsAreExperiments. If EveryoneLovesIt you're done, and if someone who cares dislikes it they will feel WelcomeToRevert or tweak it so that it works for them.

Why is this important?

How do I do it?

  1. As you are reading through AboutUs, watch for little tweaks that you can make to improve the pages you visit. When you spot a fix that adds value to the page you are on, go ahead and make the fix rather than asking someone for permission.
  2. As soon as you've made your first EfficientlyExpressedSuggestion, add {{Badge:IMakeEfficientlyExpressedSuggestions}} to your user page so that you can help propagate the Meme.
  3. Keep on making EfficientlyExpressedSuggestions and enjoy the boost in productivity that comes from less MetaTime and fewer EgoProblems for yourself and the others you collaborate with :-)

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