Emerging Futures Network

Doing together what we cannot do alone.


This is an invitation. Please join us! If you are engaged in making the world a better place via championing your own initiative or supporting others, jump in with a group of like-minded partners to develop something bigger than any one of us. Join us as we uplift our interconnecting visions and weave together projects for a better world, one that we cannot initiate alone. Come explore and cultivate our collective potential and forge new alliances.

EFN is about the work between the nodes.

The work is about focusing on connecting people, projects and ideas to get things done.

The work of EFN is about connecting people, projects and ideas to establish a comprehensive and evolving infrastructure to enable people and organizations to fulfill their visions for uplifting humanity and healing nature.

Guiding Principles

  • Work by consensus
  • Honest and open communication; transparency
  • Teamwork, innovation, collaboration, and flexibility
  • Balance of local and global
  • Accountability of ethics and integrity
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