We're in alpha, (not done yet). Please help fix it up.


NWN cursive, elegant, golden - circle around it at the top one hand facing down , bottom other hand facing up - color scheme of pages tan background

This is a great idea. I like the logo design descibed here. The placecard logo is EFN's logo and works well as a placecard. Looking forward to seeing the design get drafted. ~ julie
Well, it's a placeholder logo for EFN as well. EFN has never "decided" upon it. I'm not even sure it's a "free" image so might not be available for us to use for EFN. TedErnst

two steps forward from here

  1. Experiment with adding a logo (any logo), as a placeholder, to the {{NetworkWeaverNavigationBar}} (currenly green, on every NWN page). Let's start with this: Efn-135.jpg
    I really like seeing the logo appear on my directory page. Is there a way to design the logo into a beautifully colored top border (like we often see on home pages), at least for use here at About Us. It would make the directory pages look more visually appealing as well! ~ julie
    Could you say more about what you mean? TedErnst
    Ted, it looks like the latest rendition accomplishes this. It felt really good to see my suggestion integrated. Motivates me to give more input!
  2. Experiment with changing the NWN green into a tan scheme, and see if we can make it the background for every page, perhaps with the navigation bar as well.
    So... The green (better than no green) is still a bit dry as well as the directory template. I wish there we had a couple of snazzy templates to choose from like you get when you sign up for a website from Go Daddy. JulieCaldwell

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