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Multiplylogo.jpg is a social networking site for photo, music, and video sharing, in the vein of,, and Your internal network on Multiply is just that: an internal network of your closer friends and family. Use the site to support and interact within this personal network, and keep the more random social interactions separate. User profiles have unique URLs so you can broadcast your page to a broader audience. This is your all-in-one alternative to the various 'wide-open' social networks.


Post media (photos, music, videos):

  • offers unlimited storage space so you can upload as much as you want to their servers
  • Posts contain details about the person who has posted them, so you will know exactly who you are dealing with: your sister’s hot friend or your uncle’s middle-aged neighbor.
  • Receive alerts when any new content is added, or old content edited
  • Specify who in your network has access to what on your profile

Publish a blog:

  • Post your thoughts and interact with the web
  • Each user page has an individualized URL ( so you can share with anyone on the web, not just your internal friend network.\

Social Life:

  • Organize your social life online with your friends and family
    • keeps tack of updates within your friend circle
  • Share reviews of movies, restaurants, etc.
  • Live chat so you don't have to wait to send or receive messages



The site is ad-free so you won't run into any flashy pop-ups or clutter. This minimalist philosophy is applied to their graphic interface, as is evidenced by its no-nonsense design. Pages are clean and clearly organized while not appearing too sparse or bland. The focus, instead is on the content. For those of us who are sick of over-cluttered pages, is a happy place where you can simplify your social network.

Getting to Know Multiply

Check out the 'Take the Tour' link in the upper right hand corner of the front page for a virtual demonstration.

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6001 Park of Commerce Blvd, Ste 300
Boca Raton FL 33487 US

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