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MSN also referred as Microsoft Network provides a number of useful services on its website. These services include MSN messenger, MSN search, news, weather report for any area, MSN directory, Hotmail-webmail service, personalized city guides, etc. MSN was released on Aug. 24, 1995 along with the release of Windows 95. MSN first introduced Hotmail-webmail service followed by MSN messenger which is now referred as Windows Live Messenger. has been ranked 2nd amongst all the websites on the internet by Alexa.

In United States, MSN (Microsoft Network) is known for providing Internet service with more than 9 million subscribers competing against AOL that has 27 million subscribers. According to data, MSN is ranked second as compared to AOL which is ranked 1st. offers many useful services to the users around the world but in order to enjoy all the services of one must have a Microsoft Passport Network account. With the help of Microsoft Passport Network account, you can gain access to all the services of Microsoft Network facilities. Signing up at Microsoft Passport Network is completely free and after signing up you get access to all the services like MSN messenger, Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, etc.

With the increase in competition among Microsoft, Yahoo and Google, Microsoft Network has collaborated with many other service providers that offers services like MSN shopping, MSN Encarta, MSN space blog, MSN adCenter, MSN Premium that includes MSN Virus Guard and Firewall, etc. In the previous year 2006, Microsoft changed the name of MSN products with Windows Live name as a part of strategy to overcome the competition from other service providers. In the future, Microsoft might launch two new services of MSN i.e. MSN Explorer and MSN Groups. You can find more information about and the different services offered by MSN.

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Recently Microsoft has announced plans to retool their web application empire under a collective brand name Windows Live/ Many of the functions of previous Microsoft online services (like and are being folded into the service gradually, along with newly planned applications like clipboards, contacts, folder sharing and more being implemented over time.


MSN também referida como Microsoft Network oferece uma série de serviços úteis em seu website. Esses serviços incluem o MSN Messenger, MSN pesquisa, notícias, previsão do tempo relatório para qualquer área, MSN diretório, Hotmail-serviço de webmail, personalizada cidade guias, etc MSN foi libertado em 24 de Agosto de 1995, juntamente com o lançamento do Windows 95. MSN Hotmail introduzidas pela primeira vez-serviço de webmail seguido pelo MSN Messenger que agora é referido como o Windows Live Messenger. foi classificado 2o entre todos os sites na internet por Alexa. O MSN BRASIL conta com vários serviços ao internauta:



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