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HotmailOriginalLogo.jpg started in the 1990s, when the Internet just started to become popular. and were probably the only two sites that offered free web based email accounts. remained independent long after was sold to Yahoo!.


In the end, was sold to Unlike its counterpart which was soon forgotten, the domain remains active and popular even today. It was probably due to the fact that it attracted many customers while it was an independent company. and Live


Recently Microsoft has announced plans to retool their web application empire under a collective brand name Windows Live/ Many of the functions of previous Microsoft online services (like and are being folded into the service. Applications like clipboards, contacts, folder sharing and more are also being implemented over time. Email and IM Services

Signing up for an account at allows you to send and receive email quickly and easily. also allows the facility of combining various email addresses from other companies together in one in-box. also provides a personal spam bodyguard for your email account. You can also use a Windows Live ID to access, Messenger and other services.

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