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Bing: Microsoft's "decision engine" (a.k.a search engine)


Bing is an online search engine created by Microsoft. It's the successor of Microsoft's previous search engine: Windows Live Search. It has the same search functionality as Live Search, but now has a new name, and new features. It's now partnered with Yahoo, and its technology will soon be used on

New Features has many new features, including: Bing Video: The Ability to search videos through

Search suggestions: When you begin typing a search query, Bing lists suggestions for other queries, similarly to that of Google. This technology, purchased by Microsoft from Powerset in 2008, is one of the main features that makes Bing a fully functional, solid search engine.

Search Adaption Links: Another one of the new features that makes up Bing is it's link adaption feature. If you search a location a sidebar will show, giving you suggestions for searching that locations weather, real estate, jobs, attractions, maps, and images. If you search a political candidate, links to their biography, issues, etc are listed.


Originally planned to be named Kumo, (Japanese for Cloud and Spider) Bing's name was used because it is thought to be the word that comes to mind when you find what you're looking for. "Bing! I found it!"

Yahoo Partnership

On July 29, 2009, Microsoft, creator of the Bing search engine, partnered with Yahoo. This ten year agreement, beginning in 2010, will make it so that Bing's technology is used on Eventually, a "Powered by Bing" message will be listed on

On new Microsoft PCs/laptops Bing is the default search engine.

In the agreement, Yahoo will get 81% of the Market share on both Bing and Yahoo, but Bing will power both, and get the remainder of the profit.




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