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Windows Live or in other Windows Live is basically a search engine from Microsoft that allows users to make a search on the web in an easy and clean manner. On, you have the option to search for a web page, image, news, maps and classifieds. The design of the website is very simple and that is why the website claims it to be super clean and super fast. acts as gateway to find useful information related to academics, books, videos, feeds, products, etc. To get the best information at for your search criteria, you need to make sure that your search is really effective. You can make your search effective by using the following ways:

  • Use specific words for your search that are likely to produce the best results based on the type of information you want.
  • Do not make any spelling mistakes while performing a search and do use space in between the words in order to avoid wrong results.
  • If you are not satisfied by the results shown on the first 2-3 pages then try changing your keywords that you used to perform search with similar meanings. Different words produce different results.
  • Try to use specific keywords instead of using long words and make your search narrow.
  • If your search is based on a particular criteria like videos, books, etc. then select that category and make the search accordingly, avoiding the wrong results.
  • Try to avoid common words in your search like a, an, the, etc. because these words are automatically deleted by search function while performing a search.
  • If you are finding an answer to any particular question, then use the advanced option of QnA to find answers to your questions. If you are finding a definition for a keyword then you used write define before your keyword.

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Windows Live Network Live is part of the retooling of the Microsoft web application empire under a collective brand name. Many of the functions of previous Microsoft online services (like and are being folded into the service gradually, along with newly planned applications like clipboards, contacts, folder sharing and more being implemented over time.




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