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The Microsoft Office Suite

Microsoft Office is a suite of applications for business and personal productivity, offered by Microsoft. These include a word processor (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), database management software (Access), and software for making dynamic presentations (PowerPoint), and a rich messsaging system Outlook.

For PC computers, The Office Suite was updated in Feb. 2007 with all new features. These versions are commonly refered to by the date: ie. Office 2007, Word 2007, Excel 2007 and so forth.

Office 2007

Each application in the Office suite is designed to work with the others. Data, text, charts and presentations can be shared, likewise many of the menu functions as well as the interfaces are designed to be complimentary where appropriate.

  • Word -- Word, as the name suggest, is word processing software, letting you write and format your content, the way you want with the help of an editor and a formatter. New features in Word 2007 include new views and tools, improved templates to allow users to create documents easier and faster, a "building blocks" function that takes regular used text and images and makes it easy to drop in without having to retype, and a new "SmartArt Graphics" tool to create diagrams easier.
  • Excel -- Excel is a spreadsheet application for formatting and organizing numbers and data. New features in Excel 2007 include supports for "SmartArt Graphics," better printing options, new and improved template functionality, and implementation of charts inside an Excel workbook.
  • PowerPoint -- PowerPoint is used to creat dynamic presentations for classroom materials, business projects and more. New features in PowerPoint 2007 include an autocontent wizard to halp organize presentations, improvements in text display quality, extended graphics capability, integration with "SmartArt Graphics," and more.
  • Access -- Access is a PC only application that is used for database management. New features in Access 2007 include: new and improved templates, a new look and user interface, the ability to more easily make and incorporate design changes into your database and flexibility with the way you can view, make changes or expand your data.
  • Outlook -- Outlook is also a PC only application used as a messaging system. It includes customizable emails, scheduling task and contact tracking tools to help you efficiently and easily manage your office and home activities. Outlook was first designed as an email communication tool, with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft has added features like flagging and automatic message decryption, automatic postmarking, on the watch for phishing, improved junk mail filters, and receiving RSS feeds.

Hardware Requirements

Before you think of installing Microsoft Office 2007, you need to make sure that your computer meets the following requirements as suggested by Microsoft:

Minimum Requirements Recommended
Processor 500 MHz more than 500 MHz
Memory 256 MB 512 MB or higher
Hard Disk 1.5 GB of available space 1.5 GB of available space
Video Resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher Resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher

Macintosh Versions

The Macintosh version of Microsoft Office Suite currently stands at Office 2004. These roughly correspond with the Mac equivalents of the Microsoft Office from 2003. It was announced at the January 2007 Macworld Expo that Mac users would have a new version of the Microsoft Office Suite (tentatively called Office 2008) by the second half of 2007. It should be noted that there is no Mac equivilent for Access. Mac users with database needs use a number of different applications, most notably FilemakerPro.

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