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Webshots.com is a popular photo sharing site on the web owned by CNET. Initially it was a professional wallpaper or screensaver site but got converted in to a photo sharing website in the year 1999. Various photographs taken by the users from their handy cams or digital cameras are organized into specific categories in order to provide an easy search to the visitors. There were about 450 million images available on Webshots.com in December this year.

The website provides a free homepage to its members where they can share about 1000 images with their friends, family and many other people around the globe. If a member takes up a premium account, he can share up to 5000 photos on his homepage. The website also has an automatic notification feature that informs the users whenever a member uploads a new photo. Apart from all these benefits to the members, they also get the ability to share their photos privately.

Today, Webshots.com is amongst some of the largest photo sharing communities and most of its members are teenagers or young people. There has been a gradual increase in the Sexually Suggestive images on this site and they appear regularly in the “Most Popular” segment. Due to this, webshots.com has become popular as “Webhots”.

The Pro Shots segment of the website consists of images licensed from professional photographers. All these images are coded in a special manner to protect the rights of their owners. The users are not authorized to use these images anywhere else or to take their printouts.

The website has a mixture of images and other contents posted on it by its members and it is not responsible for any transmission of such content through it. Members are prohibited from sharing the following content on Webshots.com:

  1. Any content that depict the nudity of children
  2. Any copyrighted matter that is being used without the approval of the owner.
  3. Pornographic content
  4. Any content regarding exploitation of children
  5. Any content posted for malevolent purposes.
  6. Any content providing instructions for committing any illegal act.
  7. Any content that has a virus.

Webshots.com continuously review the contents posted by its members and they reserve the right to remove any content from the website that dose not comply with the above terms. The site can also terminate the account of a member if he violates the above terms. Anybody who is at least 13 years of age can become a member of webshots.com. Webshots.com also has links to other sites which it thinks can be beneficial to its users. However, the usage of those links and sites is subject to their respective terms and conditions. Webshots.com is not responsible for any acts committed by these sites.

Apart from the popularity of the site, there are many people who criticize webshots.com because they believe that many young and college going people make use of the popularity of the webshots.com to share such content which can damage the reputation of their colleges or schools. Apart from this many people also criticize webshots.com because they haven’t updated their screensaver software and desktop pattern for about a year for users using the MAC OS and this is very irritating for such users.

It is important to note, whenever a user posts any content on webshots.com or transmits the same through this site, he grants webshots.com, CNET and other partners a non-exclusive, revocable and royalty free license to display or publicly perform that content through any of the services available on webshots.com. This right with the webshots.com automatically expires once a user removes his content from the site. Webshots.com reserves the right to take the following actions without any prior notification:

  • Restrict or terminate the account of a user and prevent him from using any of the services present on this site.
  • Discontinue or change any service on the site.
  • Move or remove any image or content
  • Refuse to register a particular username

Webshots.com does not guarantee the security and accuracy of the content posted on the users homepage. Webshots.com is not responsible for any loss or corruption of the content under any circumstances.

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