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The website was especially created for TV devotees that want extra info on their favorite TV shows, series and stars. is a web site that covers just about everything there can be on and about TV, like shows, episodes, actors, opinions, trivia and even program options. is a better site, though. provides a powerful lineup of social networking features, such as user-created content, navigation, original content and many more. provides all this information about more than 15,000 shows of all times.

The first page of this website includes the contents of this site. Click on All shows, and you will get all possible TV shows: dramas, soaps, action series, cartoons and many more.

You can also view television listings if you are a member. Access the News section of the website and learn the TV show ratings, find out who ties the knot, what other shows will your favorite stars feature and all sort of info.

The feature section includes gifts, the possibility to rate TV shows and many other surprises.

In case you want some pics with your pet stars, get them from the Picture category. The pics are ranged alphabetically. Last, but not least you can get some downloads and videos.

Chat to Other TV Fans offers you the possibility to get in touch with hundreds of people that enjoy the shows you do. You can chat and exchange opinions with them at any time you want. Just access the Forum, and enter a chat room. There are several themed chat rooms named after some TV series or on categories such as drama, comedy,sports etc.

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Anyone can become a full registered member of Getting registered is quite a simple procedure, meaning that you only have to fill in a registration form. After having done this, you will have access to everything on the site including 5 million games and millions of entertainment fans who love to personally contribute to keeping this site as interesting and as fun as possible. Once you are registered you can create your own profile and blogs and you can also enter the forums where all the discussions take place.

Another great thing is that after you become a member of you will be able to receive automatic updates on your favorite shows or actors. You will now be able to personalize your TV listings, to rate shows or everything else that goes on on TV. and GameSpot

Once you’ve become a member of, you automatically become a member of and where you can use the same account name and password in order to use it. These sites are simmilar with, but they are focused on music and offering music fans as much information as they need and respectively on millions of different games.

This website has been created in order to fulfill the true TV fans’ need of getting more from the shows they are watching. And you truly get more just about anything from TV. is an excellent website, with only few ads and great layout.

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