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Excite.com is a challenging website as it contains many services for a wide range of people. First of all, you can search the entire web for images, news, audio or video, so in a way it is like Google. However, there are many other features available on this site. The mid section of the main page contains the Excite offers, which means hot deals for shopping, travel deals and other quite interesting bids. You can also shop on this site, just access the Shop section and choose the products you are interested in.

Resumo EXITE.COM (Português)

Excite.com é um desafio site pois ele contém muitos serviços para uma vasta gama de pessoas. Primeiro de tudo, você pode buscar em toda a Web por imagens, notícias, áudio ou vídeo, por isso, de uma forma que é similar Google. No entanto, existem muitos outros recursos disponíveis neste site. A meados seção da página principal contém os Excite oferece, o que significa quente ofertas de compras, viagens e outras promoções bastante interessante lances. Você também pode fazer compras neste site, basta acessar a seção Shop e escolher os produtos que lhe interessam Pol.

Connect on Excite

If you access the Connect section, you can join message boards. You can talk to people all around the world by entering the category that you prefer: Arts, Cars, Business, Careers, Celebs, Health, Relationships, Sports and Recreation, Tech Talk or Travel. You will most likely find a lot of interesting people to talk to, get tips and learn new things. The only condition is that you have to be an Excite member, so you have to register, but it’s free. In the same Connect section you can access the White Pages and get the info you want, or meet someone special by going to the Personals page, which will find your match by testing your preferences and give you some helpful articles on relationships. The Tools section will help you find jobs as well as advice in career and education, access the Yellow Pages and lots more.

Excite sections

The MY section means that you will use your personalized page and this also requires membership. You can access the weather predictions, movies, TV, horoscope, Lottery and the Scores from different sports.

The Video Player section is a place where you can view all sorts of videos set in categories. This section is powered by ROO.

Next, in the mid section of the first page of Excite.com you will be able to read the headlines of the latest news. The headlines are also placed in categories, so you will be able to find the very piece of news you are interested in.

On the left hand side of the home page there are some stock news and you can get quotes instantly by introducing some key words in the space given.

Below the Stock section you can read some scores from NFL, NBA, MLB. A great feature of this section is that it not only contains the scores but also some standings and quite a few of the hottest photos in the sports today.

The My Games offers you the possibility to edit your favorite games, while the Daily Fortune predicts your daily coordinates.

All in one place

The right hand side of the home page contains some ads as well as the weather predictions by zip code and your personalized horoscope. You can also book flights by searching the best fares. This section is provided by Expedia.com. Excite.com is a great page to make your home page, containing all you need to read and see about what happens in the world and lots more.


Community Reviews

Excite.com - star of the 1996 internet

Excite was THE web portal in 1996. Today, they're forgotten and irrelevant. Still trying to dominate the web, now 2.0, using pre-web 1 tactics. Customized weather predictions, sports headlines, and a sub-par web search. Email laden with spam and advertising.

Simply put, Excite.com fails to excite.

Something is wrong at excite. I have had an excite email account (" for many years now and suddenly I am unable to access my email. Your system refuses to acknowledge my account name, however if I attempt to set-up a new account using "alanvanek" it claims this i.d. is already taken.

Ecite's automatic reply system is pathecially unhelpful. I do not know what to do, or where to go from this point except to contact your corporate offices in a final attempt to rectify this situation. The only altrnative I see is possibly posting on the internet in chat rooms, blogs, etc. in hope that others may have experienced this as well and I might possibly get help that way. And if nothing else, at least others will know of the total aggrevation and frustration I have experienced.

thank you

I like Excite for up to date information. The only thing I would like to see changing is if they were to feature more travel sites not just Expedia. Why are they closing their Message Board section I though it was very good.

Brian (DublinVisitors.webs.com))

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