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The Mommy Blog is a testimonial of its author Mindy's steadfast resilience and courage during difficult times. She writes candidly about the trials and tribulations that have and continue to occur within her life. Sarcastic in tone but always optimistic no matter how you slice it, The Mommy Blog inspires readers to keep persevering and to never forget that every cloud does indeed have a silver lining. Mindy's greatest strength is her openness and honesty with her readers.

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Meet Mindy Roberts


Originally from Chicago but now residing in the Bay Area of California, Mindy Roberts is a mother of two boys and a girl living with her Partner, a father of three boys. A pioneer blogger, she founded The Mommy Blog ( in 2002. A former non-profit executive, she's now a key influence for moms on the Internet. As a single mom with 3 children, Melinda has founded a design company, become a spokeswoman for the mommy blogging community, and published "Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood". She continues to write her memoir in real time. Sarcastic, amusing, and sincere, The Mommy Blog is written in candid detail, and has engaged and inspired readers since 2002.

Not afraid to speak her mind, Mindy unloads her stress and happiness in a no holds barred fashion. Join Mindy as she recounts her daily rummages and the unique events that shape her--and her family's--life. Read such musings as:

  • Insect invasions
  • The Roberts Family Curse
  • Unemployment stress
  • Endless battles with medical bills
  • Divorce with Tenderness and Grace
  • Airport melodrama

Mommy Confidential


Mindy loves to write a lot, so much in fact that she wrote a book. In Mommy Confidential: Adventures from the Wonderbelly of Motherhood, Mindy takes us through a 508-page ride beginning with the near-death of her middle child straight through to the present. Read the first chapter here. (Rumor has it there is a sequel in the works.).

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A few pictures from Mindy's daily life.

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