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CBS Broadcasting INC. is having one of the largest networks of radio and television broadcasting in United States. CBS once stood for Columbia Broadcasting System, which was its previous name. CBS is sometimes also referred as Tiffany Network. This alludes to quality of CBS programming when it was under its founder William S. Paley. Also, CBS’ first demonstration of color television was held in Tiffany & Co. Building in 1950.


CBS started as United Independent Broadcasters Inc. in 1928 when William S. Paley bought 16 radio stations. He later renamed them as Columbia Broadcasting System. Under Paley, CBS had one of the largest networks of radio in United States and also became one of the three American Broadcast Television Networks. CBS quickly grew due to Paley belief in Programming.

Paley launched his own News division which was shaped by New York Times man Ed Klauber. CBS News quickly got an image of on-the-spot coverage. One of its faux telecast led many to believe that some Invaders from Mars were invading Grovers Mill, New Jersey despite of number of disclaimers it had broadcasted. This format was later revived in 1990s as TV serial Without Warning. In 1938, it bought American Record Corporation which was a parent company of its former investor Columbia Records. It developed Network of Americans during World War II for broadcasting news in South and Central America.

CBS dominated broadcasting as long as radio was the most powerful advertising medium. Throughout 1950s and 1960s, CBS programs were highest rated. Paley innovated new kind of marketing by giving away slots of half an hour to one hour to an advertising company. In mid 1940s, Paley forced CBS to create its own programs and he personally persuaded many stars to take part in them. Thus ad-agencies no longer had complete control over the broadcasting.


CBS gradually moved into television during 1950s. Though in 1950, it had only one station. Radio was still the main focus of the company. In 1956, its radio operations had lost money, while television operations had gained money. This was a clear indication of the future. Slowly CBS started withdrawing its radio networks and its prime-time radio ended with airing of SUSPENSE in September 1962. CBS still has news broadcasting through radio though.

CBS dominated television as it had dominated radio. It lost a bit of ground with rise of ABC in 1970s. CBS started diversification in 1960s when it acquired electric guitar maker Fender, bought, then sold sports teams, book and magazine publications, toy manufacturers and other properties. CBS also tried film production, but this move was unsuccessful.

Paley was succeeded by Laurence Tisch in 1980s. But Tisch was more interested in recovering his investments and began axing its underperforming, yet prestigious units, like CBS Records Group, CBS Technology centre, etc. CBS Records was bought by Sony and eventually became Sony BMG Music Entertainment. CBS Records was revived in 2006 by CBS Corporation.


In 1995, Westinghouse Electric Corporation bought CBS for 5.4 billion dollars and later purchased Infinity Broadcasting Corporation for 4.9 Billion dollars. Westinghouse later changed its name to CBS Corporation and headquarters was moved to New York. CBS soon became one of the Broadcasting giants when Viacom bought it for 37 Billion dollars. In 2005, Viacom split itself into CBS Corporation and Viacom. CBS Corporation is headed by Roger King, who is also the CEO of King World. CBS is currently most watched television network in United States reaching 96.98% of American Households.

CBS changed its logo to Eye Device logo in 1951. This Eye has not changed since, though the symbol’s settings have not changed. CBS regularly changes its punch line. From “The stars’ address is CBS” in 1956 to “We are CBS” in 2006, each of them have been unique and few of them even been adapted by Network 10 and SBT.

CBS Television Network has 16 owned and 200 affiliated stations. CBS currently operates on 87½ hour programming and 22 hour prime time programming every week. Its broadcasting includes Animations, News, Soap Opera, Drama, Sitcom, Late Night, Reality, Game Shows and Sports. Nick Jr. replaced CBS Kids in 2000 and was replaced by KOL Secret Slumber Party on CBS in 2006. CBS Sports is a division of CBS which broadcasts programs like NFL Today.




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