ContentNext is an independent media and information company covering the business of digital media. The company operates two award winning sites: and By digital media, we mean the digital sectors where media and entertainment companies operate: online, wireless, desktop and off-desktop applications, products and services.

Areas of coverage include: online publishing, portals, content commerce technologies, digital music, digital movies, mobile content, digital sports, digital gaming, broadband content/IP-TV, RSS and XML Syndication, nanopublishing, B2B information industry where it is merging with B2C, venture investment, and mergers and acquisitions in the sector, and other related and emerging areas in digital media.

6). Mobile Music Report: A monthly premium report which covers the mobile music market…Feb, March and April, May/June, & July/August reports are here…

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the best coverage of internet content news on the net

Rafat and team go to every conference imaginable so that we don't have to.

  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 11, 2007, 7:05 pm

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