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So .... I plan to do a major upgrade of this site . Thus the change of blog location.This site will (eventually) contain just static content (articles, code,project logs etc).

Meanwhile if you want to read my blog, please update your blog readers to point to either the atom feed or the more generic feedburner rss feed .If you are the rare type of person who prefers reading a blog using a web browser , this is the url.

It all started very innocently . A manager at one of the many software companies in Bangalore announces a scheme to "tax" Indians travelling abroad on the company's business . The basic (at best naive, at worst foolish) idea was that Indians who go to the USA would "contribute" a percentage of their (dollar) earnings into a "common pool" and this "tax" would be distributed amongst all the poor unfortunate Indians who couldn't travel to the Land Of The Golden Mountain.The net buzzed with mails about "American arrogance" (the Manager is American) and "whoever heard of a communist company? "(the CEO of the company is supposed to have socialist leanings).

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