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The University of California, Berkeley is a public university founded in 1868. It is also known as UC Berkeley. Henry Durant was the founder and the first president of the university. Initially College of California bought the current land of UC Berkeley but due to the shortage of necessary funds to operate the college it merged with the College of Mechanical Arts, Agricultural and Mining which was run by the state. The merger of the two colleges resulted in University of California, Berkeley.

The early development of the university was greatly emphasized by the university president who attracted renowned teachers to constitute its faculty. From 1930 onwards the university obtained international recognition. At this time the university was receiving a good number of scholarships and funds for the research and academics. UC Berkeley’s Radiation Laboratory with its cutting edge nuclear physics research in production of plutonium assisted US Army by developing a Nuclear Bomb. Many early internet and computer related research and technology developments are also associated with this university.

Student and Fees

The university has no religious affiliation. The study schedule of the degree program is divided into semesters. Total students enrolled in the university are over 33,558 with 23,482 students enrolled in undergraduate courses and 10,076 students in graduate courses. The tuition expenses for one year are $7,703 for the local resident students and $26,387 for out-of-the state students. This fee is still lower as compared to many other universities which charge over $30,000. The boarding expenses for a year are $13,074.


The university faculty consists of 1,950 teachers. 20 noble prize winners are a part of the university faculty and 61 Nobel Prize winners are associated with it. Furthermore there are hundreds of awards won by the faculty members in their respective fields of research and education. Now this provides a clear picture of the quality of education a student will receive at the university. UC Berkeley offers around three hundred degree programs for undergraduate, graduate and professional studies. These programs have approximately 7000 different courses. Each year the university awards 8600 degrees to the passing students.


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UC Berkeley is ranked 21 overall amongst the national universities of USA. According to the US News top universities rankings UC Berkeley is placed in top 5 in all of the PhD programs it offers.


UC Berkeley admission criterion is very selective and in 2006 almost 42,000 students applied out of which only 9,836 were enrolled in various undergraduate degree programs. The average sat score was 1975 out of 2400. For graduate courses, almost 18,333 applicants tried their luck and only 3,444 were admitted.


The university is divided into 14 different schools to accommodate over 130 departments. These include, College of Chemistry, Haas School of Business, College of Engineering, Graduate School of Journalism, College of Letters and Science, School of Public Health, School of Optometry, School of Social Welfare, College of Natural Resources, School of Information, Richard & Rhoda Goldman School of Public Policy, College of Environmental Design, Boalt Hall School of Law, and Graduate School of Education.

Student groups

With a very large student body there are approximately 700 groups registered at the university. The Associated Students of California University is the organization under student government that actually organizes all of the on-campus societies, organizations and their activities. Students also run a newspaper known as the Daily California, a TV station known as CalTV and an FM radio station known as KALX. Students are involved in all forms of athletics and socio-cultural activities.

University Website

The best place to gather all information about the university, its faculty, administration, degree programs, admission dates and criteria, student life, and all university related news is the official website. On the main page you will find links to library, online university resources and latest news. You can also have an online tour of the university as well as information about the current events in the university.






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