Handgunlaw.us was founded in February 2006 by Steve Aikens. Steve is a web developer and his partner/co-owner in www.handgunlaw.us, Mr. Gary Slider, is the research side of the site. The goal in creating such a web site was to finally create one that would remain as current as possible. Roughly a year and a half from it's creation, the average update is done every 2 to 4 days, making handgunlaw.us the most current U.S. wide database on the Internet.
The owners of www.handgunlaw.us firmly believe in the Second Amendment, Concealed Carry and the fact that we have both a right and responsibility to take a pro-active position in our personal defense. Unfortunately, we recognize there are so many variances in our state to state laws, the average individual may have difficulty keeping up with those laws well enough to prevent them from breaking the law, especially as they travel. Since we have the ability to research those laws and create an informative Concealed Carry specific site, we have done so.
We are a Database of Information on Carrying Firearms legally for self Defense. That is all we will try to be.

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