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Cornell University has been offering individuals great educational opportunities since 1865. Today, they are still going strong and yet holding to their dedicated efforts of providing an education that allows the individual to go out and serve the well being of others. It has a great reputation for offering quality programs as well as making the students feel secure and part of a group while on campus.

The programs offered at Cornell University are diverse enough that they cover many subjects individuals are interested in studying. While they admissions process is tough and there is a great deal of competition, the selection process is based on many different areas so that well rounded students grace the campus of Cornell University.


Cornell University in Ithaca, New York was established in 1865 with a grant of $500,000 from the namesake Ezra Cornell. The goal of the University was to offer a new type of education that could provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The school officially opened in 1868.

One area that Cornell recognized in promoting its new style of education was the need to allow women to enroll in college courses. They were among the first Universities to do so. However, they were the very first to allow the women to take part in the same classes along side the men instead of offering separate classes.


Cornell University has a very good reputation for being dedicated to providing students with a quality education that they can put to good use by benefiting others with their skills and knowledge. They offer quality teachers who not only teach the material but share real life experiences with the students. They also provide the latest technology in their supplies and teaching instruments so that they are parallel to what will be used post graduation out in the field.

Best Programs

Cornell University was established for Philosophy and Education programs and they continue to be some of the best in the Nation still today. Other programs at the University include Agriculture, Life Science, Ecology, Management, Veterinary Medicine, and Architecture. Undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs are available. Over 4,000 courses are offered in 70 undergraduate areas and 93 graduate areas of study.

Student Body

The first class of students in 1868 were very excited to be accepted to this new style University. 412 applicants began attending the school, becoming the largest college population in America at that time. Today students still find it an honor to attend Cornell University. The admissions process is very competitive with the determining factors for acceptance including potential, strength, character, and a sincere desire to learn.

To help prevent students from feeling like just another number one this large campus, the university is divided into small communities featuring rooms, study groups, activities, and sports so that group interactions are encouraged.

Media Attention

Cornell University was recently in the news as Professor Thomas Seeley and his students successfully identified the strategies honeybees use for reproduction. With this information researchers can help to fight Colony Collapse Disorder. This disease is putting the future of honeybees in jeopardy and has already destroyed 80% of populations worldwide.





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