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GameFAQs.gif contains info on numerous games, secrets and tips, offering the possibility to talk to other players and learn some answers related to a particular game. If you are looking for a specific piece of info, introduce some key words on the space give on the top of the main page of this site and you will get some results shortly.


On the top bar, there are some categories: What’s New will show you all the recent posted FAQs with the date and title. The Contribute section will allow you to ask questions and all you need to have is a valid email address to register. Test the Features List of this website to see the Most Wanted FAQs, a Top 10 List, a Bounty Program, Game companies as well as contests in case you are tempted to join one. The Boards section is divided in Board Categories: System Boards, Site Boards, Special Interest Boards, Regional and Social Boards. Each category has a brief description on the contents. Use these titles as a guide to join the message board that interests you.

Game platforms

If you look at the platforms on the main page, the games are set in categories, so you can choose from DPCs; Nintendo's DS, GameBoy Advance, GameCube and Wii; Sony Playstation'sand PSP; or Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360. You can check out All System lists as well. When you enter a category, you can search a game alphabetically, or by genre: adventure, driving, puzzle, strategy etc.

Cheat codes and guides

THIS Place shows that each game has some game info, FAQs and guides. The Cheat Codes and Secrets section is a gold mine for those who want to become game experts. Find out what can you do to break codes faster, and learn some game secrets. In case you have an ace down your sleeve, you can share the things you have discovered on your own about a particular game, so that other players learn that also. However, if you try a trick from the Cheat Codes page and it does not work you should fill in a Problem Submission Form and report the issue. The Game Save section will offers you game saves. Or you can share your own game saves. This section also includes Game Spot and Game Rankings. You will be able to read reviews for each game, posted by real players or you can add your opinions to this section and let others know what you think. The Message Board is available for each game, and there you can read messages from all sorts of players that share their experience, ask questions etc. Last but not least, the Check Price section offers you prices from different stores, and you have also the option of buying online.

Covering the gaming world

All things considered, this website contains a great amount of information on almost all existing computer games, and is a great guide for the beginner as well as the advanced player. There are a few ads, but the majority are for games.

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