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Do more with what you watch covers just about every show, episode, actor, line, opinion, bit of trivia, and programming option on television. Unlike any other site, this uniquely engineered Web destination connects with the most engaged entertainment consumers. That's because true TV fans want to get more from the shows they love. Every month, extends the entertainment experience of 3.6 million¹ passionate viewers by delivering a powerful lineup of social networking features, user-created content, navigation features, and original content for more than 15,000 shows.

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Plus, by becoming a registered member of you'll join more than 5 million other games and entertainment fans who personally contribute to the sites they love. Your membership lets you discuss your favorite shows in the forums, as well as create your own personal blog and profile. Furthermore, you can get automatic updates on your favorite shows and actors, personalize your own TV listings, and rate and review any show, episode, or actor. And by signing up with, you're also automatically signed up for free and GameSpot accounts. ¹ComScore, June 2005

Through our universal registration, all members can use their same user names and passwords to access All CNET Games & Entertainment websites including the GameSpot and communities.

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